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The end-to-end Facebook Live Selling system with
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 Reduce paperwork and admin headaches by automating your Facebook Live Selling with Upmesh

Why Automate your Live Selling with Upmesh?

Sell more without having to write down orders – it’s all automatic!

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Real time tracking of product purchases and stock

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Real time tracking of product purchases and stock

Track payments made and process orders with 1 click

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Over 80 clients use Upmesh today to double their sales without increasing costs

Our Features

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Upmesh is built for live sellers

  • Collect payment via PayNow, Grabpay, Credit Cards

  • Full backend system to manage and track inventory

  • CSV import of stock

  • Live tracking of products sold and revenue

  • Promo codes

  • Paid and unpaid order tracking

  • Export of orders for packing

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Future Features

Coming Soon

  • Catalogue / Webstore

  • Lucky Draw and LNS Automation

  • Loyalty Rewards


Only 6 Short Steps to start shipping out your orders  

Step 1 Login

1. Login with Facebook

to create your account

Step 2 Upload CSV

2. Import your Inventory via CSV

Step 3 Go Live

3. Setup delivery methods


Step 4 Stock

4. Track your sales and stock left

in real time

Step 5 Payments

5. Collect payment from your


Step 6 Shipped

6. Pack and ship out your orders!

The Facebook Live Selling System trusted by the most popular livesellers