Why is Live Selling becoming so popular?

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Considering live selling? There’s no better time to get started.

Live selling has become the internet’s most fabulous shopping experience! In the wake of COVID19, shopping has become a mostly digital affair, and live selling happens to be exactly what the stay-at-home crowd wants – an exquisite blend of entertainment and shopping.

It’s easy to see why this format of online shopping has become so successful. Hilarious on-screen moments, loveable personalities and even live dancing – viewers have gone beyond just looking for products to serve everyday needs – now, it’s all about how to make even mundane shopping turn into a fun entertainment routine. Everything from electronics, to fresh fruits, to fish can be sold live, so people now come straight home after work without having to drop by the supermarket – they can cheer on their favourite personalities while getting all the best deals and high quality products at reasonable prices.

Live viewing of products means buyers trust sellers

Live Selling means that buyers can see exactly what they will get; it allows them see the quality and freshness of the products without having to make any assumptions, unlike with traditional e-commerce. Fresh food is delivered the next day, giving buyers peace of mind, while for items like clothing, the buyer can get a much better portrayal of how the item looks like to help them make the decision.

Getting started is easy as well – most live sellers we spoke to shared fascinating stories of humble beginnings. Most of them started doing live selling as an experiment on the side without knowing how big it would become today. It’s no longer uncommon to hear of Facebook live sellers getting even $30,000 in revenue on a single day, a regular occurrence with many of the larger sellers who have dedicated fans that log on without fail to view every single live – and make purchases.

The sky’s the limit for live selling and social commerce

We’re pretty sure that the trend is not going away anytime soon, but the real question is how big can this format become? Live selling is heavily established in China, where influencers can bring over 1 million dollars in a single live session; in particular, Taobao’s live streaming platform has almost unheard of numbers, with the “Lipstick King” Li Jiaqi (yes, a guy selling lipstick) selling over $145 million dollars worth of lipstick in a single day – over 37 million people were watching. Even cars are sold this way – imagine selling 55 cars in just one second!

At Upmesh, we think that the sky’s the limit for live selling. With merchants in Southeast Asia just becoming more exposed to these social commerce ideas and beginning to experiment, there is a lot of room for new sellers to step in and take a piece of the growing pie. There’s no better time for a merchant to adopt Facebook Live Selling as part of their sales strategy, and we’re here to help make the whole process super simple.

Upmesh supports all platforms.

Take advantage of our all-platform solution

With live sellers, the biggest problem is that orders must be collected on the live videos via the platform the video is hosted on. Unlike China, where Taobao acts as a pseudo-social-media platform where shoppers hang out, most Live Selling is happening on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These social media platforms do not have integrated shopping processes yet, and this means that collecting orders requires a lot of manual labour in collecting comments and making sure each buyer is contacted privately for payment and delivery details.

Upmesh solves this problem by automating the entire process from start to end; from capturing comments as orders to collecting payment via a fully digital payment gateway, we have it all covered. This leaves you to focus on your product and expressing your brand in every live selling video – the biggest factors behind why most live sellers are successful today!

Get started with Live Selling immediately with Upmesh Live!

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