Transform your social media audience from fans to buyers with FACEBOOK LIVE SELLING

Turn followers and likes into buyers

Written by Upmesh


Has your company been building up a strong social media presence over the years? Well, it’s time for you to reap the benefits beyond just having a fanbase. It’s no secret that social media has been the transformative element behind many successful brands and businesses today – having a strong following digitally corresponds with strong outreach, brand recognition and even potential sales.

However, ever wondered if there was a way to push your product in an even more straightforward manner to your followers? Running advertisements and pushing promotions on your social media may be effective, but it requires a lot of effort from your customers to click through to your website or find the nearest supermarket to purchase the product. Many digital-savvy customers have moved beyond seeing advertisements and promotions as opportunities and have begun ignoring them, treating it as background noise.

Introducing Facebook Live Selling

In the past 2 years, a new sales channel has arrived and transformed how social media can be used for business – Live Selling! Live Selling involves opening up a live video on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and selling directly to customers with an on-screen personality. It is a unique approach to online shopping, combining the best of entertainment culture and e-commerce in a fascinating blend of modern consumerism.

While Facebook Live Selling is not new, with the #like2buy movement trending for years on Instagram and other social media platforms around the world, in the past year it has achieved explosive growth and mainstream awareness, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With buyers cooped up at home and unable to shop through traditional channels such as retail, they have turned to finding shopping channels that are digital and unique.

Live Selling often offers fresh, high quality product.

Facebook Live Selling in particular has huge viral potential across the SEA region. Buyers are always on the lookout for fresh, quality products that have a “human vibe” to it – in fact, when e-commerce was first introduced, one of the biggest concerns was about how to ensure or convey quality and freshness of product. Even today, static posts on Facebook simply do not adequately convey how a product looks, feels, tastes and smells – all these are elements that are what made retail shopping still relevant even today.

But Live Selling is able to take away some of these problems with e-commerce; by using a live, expressive medium to convey product details, quality and freshness to the customer, a customer is more inclined and willing to purchase the product. Weaving in entertainment allows a relationship to form between the on-screen personalities and the shoppers – and in parallel, creating the high-value customer relationship that merchants always want.

It doesn’t matter how many fans, you can start now!

Regardless whether you’re a merchant with 100, 1000, 10000 or more fans on Facebook and Instagram, it’s time for you to consider live selling as a relevant and potential sales channel. There has never been a better time to explore going digital – your followers will buy from you, grow with you, and sell for you as affiliates and believers in your brand and product. All it takes is just a smile, a camera, order capturing software and you’re ready to go!

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