Pricing Plan

We grow together with you, so here's our transparent pricing!



(Less than 20 checkouts a month)

For businesses just
starting out with
Facebook Live Sales.

Automatic Order Capturing
Inventory Tracking
Invoice / Shipping Label



(Billed annually)

For Facebook Live Sellers
who need to automate
order capturing.

Unlimited Order Capturing
Inventory Tracking
Invoice / Shipping Label



(Billed annually)

For complete
End-to-End Automation
with Digital Payments.

Unlimited Order Capturing
Inventory Tracking
Invoice / Shipping Label
Digital Payments for Buyers


How do I apply for the beta?

We’re taking applications for the first beta. Simply contact us at or apply here. The beta is 100% free and we will NOT collect your credit card information!

What's the best plan for me?

We recommend trying the Free Trial while its available so you get understand how our product works. Once you are used to it, you can upgrade to get access to features such as digital payments for your customers!

Is there a limit to how many orders your software can collect?

No – all our plans come with unlimited carts, including the 100% free tier!

I am a merchant who hasn't done live selling before. How do I start?

If you’re new to live selling, you can check out our all-in-one guide. Plus, signup for our newsletter to get the latest updates and information about Upmesh!

How does Upmesh help?

Reduces manual labour and saves time

With Upmesh Live, you can collect orders by having your customers type pre-defined codes such as “TPRAWN +1”. Our system will read the comment and private message the user a link to a shopping cart with the product added to it, where they can add payment and delivery details.

Robust Order and Product Management

Our seller dashboard lets you organize your orders and generate invoices, packing lists, edit details and more in one extremely powerful setup. Product codes and inventory can be managed in the same interface.

Digital payments for your customers

We’re the first in Singapore to integrate Paynow and Credit Card based payments for our merchants, creating a seamless checkout process for your customers. No more manual accounting!

Customized solutions and support

We have capacity to offer customized modules based on the business or industry you are serving, as well as a dedicated hotline for your buyers to call if they face any technical issues. Contact us for more details!

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