How to get your first viewers: Facebook Live Selling

Getting your first viewers for your Facebook Live Selling

Written by Upmesh


Getting your first viewers for your first Facebook Live can be daunting, almost as much as being in front of the camera. But don’t fret; the entire process couldn’t be easier – you only need a camera, a voice, and people will be more than willing to hear what you have to say! Here, we share some of the best ways to get your first viewers, who will be in charge of making your live go viral!

1. Use your existing social media followers

Most businesses and people have a social media account. If you’re exploring Facebook Live Selling, chances are that you have already gathered a significant social media following across your various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram (or maybe even Tiktok?). Simply send out a post explaining that you are hosting your first live session, and there will definitely be people coming to watch!

2. Join Live Selling, Live Auction and Live Video Sharing groups on Facebook

The major reason why Facebook Live Selling exploded in popularity over the past year was due to the presence of a very strong buyer community. Buyers and sellers alike congregate in huge Facebook Groups meant for sharing these lives held by sellers – and buyers are always on the lookout for a good deal, new seller or even something funny to watch. Simply head on over to these groups, apply to join (some of them have strict admin rules you need to follow as a seller), and start posting your lives – it’s not only encouraged, it’s probably where your first viewers will come from!
Get your friends and family to share!

3. Ask your friends, family and new viewers to share your live video

The beauty of Facebook and the reason that Facebook Live Selling is the number one platform for live selling in Asia today is the ease of sharing content. Live Selling is a social activity – the more people are watching, the more a live seller will be popular and grow alongside their fanbase. Sometimes, all it takes is a nudge from your family and friends to kickstart your videos, as they will reach out to second and third degree connections that form a network of early viewers!

4. Create a special event, partnership, collaboration or interesting content for viewers

Facebook Live Selling is ultimately both entertainment and shopping in one. In order for you to stand out from other live sellers, you need to be able to interact in a meaningful and interesting way with your buyers – sometimes, this could be as easy as dressing up in an unexpected manner, or by creating a one-off promotion or live experience (e.g. restaurants hosting live cooking lessons) that your viewers want to watch. If even one of these goes viral, you’ll easily be looking at over 300 to 500 followers in a single day who will consistently support your business thereafter!

Post regularly and often even if its just a simple recording

5. Post regularly and don’t give up

The most important thing about live selling is that you need to be consistent. Have a posting schedule; even if it’s just a recording of what you are already doing in your typical sales process (e.g. a chef cooking meals in the kitchen), consistency is what leads to your viewers to want to come back and support you. Beyond posting regularly, you have to maintain interest in the activity – live selling is not an overnight success, and viewers and followers take time to find you. Don’t give up – start early, start now, and reap the rewards when live selling ultimately takes over the e-commerce industry globally (it’s already 9% of China’s e-commerce market)

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