Introducing: Upmesh Live

 In the age of binge watching and customers wanting to be entertained while shopping, transform your live streams into sales channels.

Capture comments as carts; catch your buyers when they are ready to make impulse buys.

Live Selling is more than just a sales channel

Build your audience

Make yourself more visible and spread through your viewers’ friend list by getting your viewers to “Like and Share” during your streams.

Seamless shopping experience

Buyers order by commenting. No more clicking out to a website and browsing through hundreds of items to choose the one that they want.

Easy order management

Track unpaid and paid orders and let the Upmesh automatically tally them against your existing inventory.

Invest your time on sales, not admin

Upmesh automates your backroom functions:

Order Capturing

Comments are captured as orders, and the checkout links are automatically PM-ed to your viewers.


By merging payments and order functionality, every payment is automatically tallied against outstanding invoices.

Inventory Management

Track how much stock has been sold, reserved and how much remains.

Merchants love Upmesh and its clear interface

Upmesh makes it easier to sell live

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Why consider live selling?

Own your customers directly

When you sell on a platform like Lazada or Shopee, those aren’t your customers – they belong to the platform. You can’t reach them directly and continue to sell at the price that you want. Even an app like Whatsapp has a limit to how many chats your team can keep up with.

By getting your customers to follow your Facebook page, you build a loyal customer base and can keep engaging them directly at scale.

Tap on the Facebook algorithm to increase visibility

With a high number of comments on your live streams, the Facebook algorithm is more likely to rank your post higher. 

Which makes it more likely for your page to show up in the Facebook Feed of friends of your viewers who don’t know about you. Ultimately increasing your visibility amongst people who aren’t following you yet.

Spread amongst circles of friends

People are more likely to buy or follow from a business when they know that their friend is already buying from them. 

By getting viewers to “Like & Share” each stream, you actually tap on your viewers to recommend you to their friends. Thus spreading through their circle of friends.


Upmesh makes it easier to sell live

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