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Comments Selling

Facebook Marketplace isn’t the only way to sell on Facebook – Upmesh allows your followers to purchase directly from your posts. Sell directly from within Facebook itself.

Capture comments as carts; catch your buyers when they are ready to make impulse buys.

Comments selling improves your sales more than FB Marketplace

Build your audience

Make yourself more visible and spread through your followers’ friend list when your viewers’ friends see them commenting on your post.

Seamless shopping experience

Buyers order by commenting. No more clicking out to a website and browsing through hundreds of items to choose the one that they want.

Instant Checkout

No more worrying about customers adding to cart and forgetting to checkout. Catch their impulse buys!

Invest your time on sales, not admin

Upmesh automates your backroom functions:

Order Capturing

Comments are captured as orders, and the checkout links are automatically PM-ed to your viewers.


By merging payments and order functionality, every payment is automatically tallied against outstanding invoices.

Inventory Management

Track how much stock has been sold, reserved and how much remains.

Merchants love Upmesh and its clear interface

Upmesh makes it easier to sell through comments

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Why consider comments selling?

Don't make your customers go over to your eCommerce website to buy

Increase your user-friendliness and make it much easier for your customers to buy from the page itself. Don’t worry about losing traffic to your site anymore.

Increase sales by increasing the number of points of sale

Every post on your Facebook page can now become a point of sale. Take advantage of it and sell directly inside your Page, instead of making followers go through your page to your website to the item before you can make your sale.

Sell even while you sleep

No live, no problem! Followers can still comment and make purchases on your post even if you don’t have any live streams!


Upmesh makes it easier to sell through comments

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